Friday, December 26, 2008

mErRy cHrIsTmAs!!!

merry christmas! this year i got many things but my fave one is my DVD player. (i hav pics on my camera but i lost it so ill post them ASAP) we opened presents then we went to MGs for breakfast. every christmas my whole proffit family (which is really big)goes over to my grammas house for breakfast when they finish opening presents, still in our pjs. But for the past couple of years my gramma has been in germany, so we hav been doing it at different houses. this year everyone was doing something else, so it was just us and the grunyons (garns & dunyons). me and kinsey tried to have a sneakover but it didnt work out too well thanx to certain tattle-tales (wink wink). the whole fam was at dinner though. marg took pics of all the grandkids for my gramma. kinsey and dani were being boring and doing stupid hair so i went and hung out with kylee, hanna, tate, kev, and chandler. me kylee and hanna locked everyone else out of kylees room and watched a movie and her room is underground so we didnt think that anyone was gonna try to sneak in the window. we were wrong. we heard something and looked up and saw chandler squished in the window with fire. not too smart. then me, kylee, hanna, tate, kev and chandler went doorbell ditching. after a few minutes tate chickened out and left. then after we had gone all the way around the block chandlers like "lets doorbell ditch the dunyons!" and we were like "ok! we will be hiding in the garage!" and then after he couldnt see us we ran into the house and back to our movie and we found tate laying on kylees bed with my DVD player watching hairspray. then me, kylee, tate and kev wend to watch smallville but then found out that it never recorded. we were pretty ticked. me and kylee have been obsessed with smallville ever since we watched the first 5 seasons on a twelve hour drive on my b-day last year (long story). then kylee and tate watched the pacifyer while i picto chatted with keven. well thats pretty much it. o and last night i gave my DVD player a makeover and found out that it was like a giant ipod too. well gtg bye <3 ~rAcHaEl~


SAVANNA said...

That sounds like really fun!

Rebecca said...

Good to know what really goes on in my house while we adults are pre-occupied. ONE - you are NOT allowed to watch smallville. Not in my house. My kids are NOT EVER allowed to watch Smallville and if they are, you better tell me. Or else. TWO - NO DOORBELL DITCHING! It is annoying and childish. No one likes to be doorbell ditched and if it is the only thing you can think of to do, you need help. I can "help" you out in a number of ways. My fridge pretty much always needs to be scrubbed. Same with the windows. Oh yeah, you are going to have to watch what you blog from now on. I'm watching you... Love the blog! :)