Friday, December 19, 2008

Anti-Christmas Wishlist

k so we had about 20 minutes to finish up our essays in english but i was already done so my teacher like told me to think of 5 things that everybody gets but nobody wants with reasons and i was showing it to my mom and she said "u should put that on yer blog. its a little sarcastic and bratty, but youve got a point." so here it is peeps: my 20 min masterpeice:

Anti-Gift List
5 Things Everyone Gets and No One Needs

1. Gift Cards

Well if you are just going to give them money, then give them money! You don’t have to go all the way out to a certain store and get a gift card that they can only spend at this one place. Plus what if you get them like a Target gift card and they don’t even like Target?

2. Books

What’s the point when they have a library? I mean sure they get to have it for as long as they want, but really, why would you spend 20 bucks on a book that you could get for free at the library? It’s not that hard!

3. Prank Gifts

Ok, what kind of people are you? How would you like it if you woke up on Christmas morning and you see this great big present waiting for you and you’re so excited that you run right up to it and tear off all the wrapping paper, only to find another box? Then you hastily rip the wrapping paper off of that one, only to find yet another box, etc. Then once you get to the very last box you find a note in it that says “Got you!” and you turn around with a sad face and see your older sister laughing hysterically? I mean, have a heart!

4. Christmassy Toilet Paper

If you are using something for the same reason, then why does it matter what color it is? Think about it, it’s not like anyone really sees it or cares, right? And it’s not like it makes you look so cool if you have little red snowmen on your toilet paper, it just makes you look seriously abnormal!

5. Food/Treats

It only lasts a couple days at the max, so why? I mean seriously, why? If they are just going to eat it, than it’s not really a gift. It’s like “Thanks for breakfast. Now where’s my present?” Then you stand there with a sheepish smile all embarrassed. “Um… well… about that…” Yeah. Don’t do that.

well gtg bye <3 ~rAcHaEl~

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