Sunday, May 30, 2010


Haha wow! How long has it been since people did blogs?! Haha it says I'm 11 on there, that's funny. I'm actually 13 if you didn't know that:) I was probably in 5th grade when i wrote that, but now I'm going into 8th grade. I looooove Poston!! True, it's pretty getto, but it's still fun haha;) I have the BEST friends in the world!!!!! My absolute BESTEST FRIEND EVER is Savanna:D We have been good friends for 8 years, and i remember the day perfectly:) I never thought that when my friend Andrew introduced me to his cousin that we would end up being friends especially BEST FRIENDS!! She is so amazing I love her to death:) this girl is AWESOME!!!! We hang out every chance we get:P We have so many fun times together and we also have some boring times but HEY, that doesn't even matter!! it's fun as long as it's with her:) She is so sweet and constantly reminding me how much she loves me and i want her to know I feel the SAME! I couldn't ask for a better best friend:D She is just amazzziinnggg!!! We have so many great memories over the past 8 years. She knows EVERYTHING about me and i know EVERYTHING about her!! Nothing is awkward with her we can talk about anything. We are pretty much family and both of our real families know that haha:) SHE IS THE BEST!! We pretty much do everything together haha our families even went to California together and we're hoping that will happen this year too:) WE ARE TWINS!! and the crazy thing is she is 14 and i just turned 13 but it doesn't make a difference haha!! I LOVE SAVANNA BROOK WESTBERG!!!