Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Name Game

So the other day at lunch my vice principal said to my friend "Hello Mrs. Ariola." And I said "Do you know my last name?" And he said "Macnab?" and I said "How did you know that?!" and he said "if I tell you you will feel like a total idiot." and left it at that. Eventually, I got him to say "On your lunch bag it says 'Rachael Macnab'." He was right! I felt like such an idiot! So anyway, a little bit after that he was guessing my middle name and after about twenty minutes of him guessing and me giving hints, he finally got it. It was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! gtg bye B-) <3 :P

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Talent Show

So the talent show is on the 8th and me and my friend decided to do a dance. But, we didnt really have time to choreograph it since we signed up about a week and a half away from the tryouts, and my friend is only free on fridays. So, that leaves us 2 days that we can choreograph and practice our dance. So, she came over to my house on the first friday, and we started to 'get to know' the song. So right as we begin to start choreographing, she has to go home. greeeaaaaaat. the next friday, we didnt really get in touch with eachother so we didnt get to practice. So our tryouts are the next thursday, so my mom said that she could come over on the wednesday before and we could choreograph it. So everything is going to be ok. Buuuuuuuut, her mom is out of town and her dad cant get her to my house 'till four and my parents are leaving at around five or five-thirty, so she didnt come over. So we decided that on our tryout day we can stay after school until 4:45 (tryout time) and choreograph it then. No luck. after school that day I looked ALL OVER THE SCHOOL for her and eventually found her in the Chinese room. Loveeeeely. then she tried out with her other friend at 4:15, so we had 30 minutes to choreograph. ok. So then the lady in charge of the talent show says that since there were a lot of no-shows, we were on at 4:20. wooooonderful. so we decide we will just sing the song. so one of the judges says, "Do you have a CD?" Great. Neither of us remembered to bring the CD. So we are singing a Capella, and we start forgeting some of the words. then, since we are singing different words, we get all confused and just pause. Let alone we are using microphones so the whole school hears us. Greeeaaaat. So we leave, all embarrassed. Then, the other day we got back papers saying that we MADE it! We actually made it! Can you believe it?! Well anyway gtg bye B-) <3 :P

Friday, April 25, 2008

Let's Talk About... ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hellooooooooooooo my name is Rachael and i am sooooooooooo excited to FINALLY start blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am eleven years old and i LOVE my family
gtg bye B-) <3 :P


I finally got a blog!!!!!!!!!!!!! After some room cleaning and dish doing and several other things, I finally got a blog!!!!!!!!! Yeah ME!!!!!!!!!! gtg bye B-) <3 :P