Tuesday, December 9, 2008

maria a...

well yesterday i was waiting for the bus to come and maria a came up to me and said "wow! the sun is shining on u! the sun is up, wake up rachael! its morning time!" well if u no maria a u no that she is clueless, gulible, and REALLY RANDOM!!! she is like acting it all out too. she goes "i will email u that picture when i get home." all normal and stuff and then she goes (while acting it out again) "i get home at 5 o clock. i go 'knock knock!'" she knocks at the air. then pretends to open a door. "im home! i think ill go email rachael!" wow. the world would be so much different if there was no maria(and her pink braces wink wink). i dont have any pics of her so here is one that she is in. she is the one to the left of me. well gtg bye <3 ~rAcHaEl~

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